5 things to know when looking for a newborn photographer

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5 things to know when looking for a newborn photographer

These are my top 5 things what I’ve learned as a newborn photographer and I will apply them in my life as a mum.

I always knew I love photography, but I did feel in love with baby photography in the moment I have seen my niece. She was tinny and so cute and plump that I could have keep her with me forever. But each day she was changing and I could see different smiles on her face…and the worst is that I had to leave in another country so I wasn’t able to see all the other changes in her. So when we moved in New Zealand and lost couple of hundreds of images from my laptop I knew that I need to start and capture these images and moreover I had to print them. So for this is an incredible privilege to take this images and recording every little detail and capture that incredible moment in time and print it so future generation can see, remembered and fell that moment forever.

I always say that you can see what I love doing by looking at my images. It says that in life you can leave 3 things behind: photographs, books and a clean environment.

And with my images I can do one great thing all the time. I can bring these moments of joy and happiness back.

So from my experience not only as a photographer but also as a mum I know that these are the most important things when looking for a newborn photographer:

  1. Safety- this is the most important thing in my work and studio. The moment when the parents are thrusting their baby for the first time they have to feel that you will handle their bundle with the most care. Making sure that the parents are feeling secure and calm will make or break the session. My studio has an optimum temperature for the babies even when I know that sometimes this is not easy for the parents.

Choosing the rights props, making sure that the baby is safe in them, and that the baby is never left alone in the prop, on the bean bag or just with the sibling is paramount for me. I always make sure that the props edges are not touching the sensitive skin of the baby or there are no sharp edges, and that when in need the parents are involved  in supporting the baby or even just calming them down.

I also invest lots of my time in the purchasing of safe props and reliable suppliers, buying quality education materials so I know what are the best and safe position for the baby to feel comfortable and not forced into these positions.

When parent are in love with a pose and the baby refuses or I can see that he is not feeling comfortable, then I move to another pose. I know that each baby is different and they will tell me that.

  1. Each baby is unique.

Some babies look super cute naked some are loving the back pose and hate tummy time. Each baby has different features and how the light falls is so different from baby to baby. So knowing how to place the baby in the best light is essential. This is why I invest in workshops with well-known photographers so I can learn theses skills before I have to do a session.

  1. The set up matters

Before I take an image I listen to the family story, do they have a nursery theme, will they love to use some special colours. All these details needs to fall into place during the session. There is also a the design of the session , for example is the baby has lots of hair and parents want to use hats or hairbands I will always make sure that I take images without the hats so I can show these details. The colours and textures have to compliment the skin and features of the baby. So making everything fit in the story is essential and having a pre-consultation with the parents will make the entire set up flow and the images be unique.

  1. Listen to the baby’s needs.

Some session take 2 hours some 4, but why? The answer is that I take time and move along with the baby’s needs. If the baby is sleeping and calm then the session will end up earlier, if the baby needs to be feed more often or needs longer time for cuddles the I allow this time and the session will be a bit longer. My focus is not getting the pose, my focus is to listen to babies cues and tell the story through him and make the session a beautiful experience for him and his parents. An experience to look back and smile and remember that special day, a day that will talked with joy and happiness.

  1. Can you see and feel that the photographer put 100% of him in what he does?

There is no day that I don’t read or do something that will make my work and service better for my clients.

I focus all my energy and time in doing workshops that will help me perfect my trade. Education is very important and if the photographer is not growing in this area he will go back and he will not grow.

So the question remains: when talking and seeing the work of that photographer can you see the passion, dedication and growth in his work?

My studio, located in Rochedale South, Brisbane was built specially with safety in mind with the believe that I can extend and grow, with my mind on a safe environment for babies and a warm and calm environment for parents. I know that when I photograph their bundles of joy, I don’t photograph just a baby, I look at their little details and I capture these images with love and I know that these images will be treasured forever as they are unique as their new baby and this is incredible.



A close up portrait of a 5 weeks baby boy wrapped with a white wrap


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