Newborn photography, humbles beginning.


Newborn photography, humbles beginning.

From photographing a calf to photographing a human newborn baby.

Newborn photography needs to be a real passion, to be something what make you happy when you talk about it, what make you smile, what make you improve even when you don’t see that.

Mark Twain said :, Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life”

So find what you love and transform that passion into your job. So what has to do a calf with a newborn baby? Well I did grew up with cows and I did love taking care of the their babies but that wasn’t my passion.

I am an optimist woman, and I love to see happiness around me, and being surrounded by beautiful and gentle souls is so mesmerising and uplifting in every single way.

So I will tell you how, when and what I’ve done in order to become a newborn photographer.

Growing up in a communist country, we didn’t have the luck of having our portraits taken beside the school reunion when we were forced by the leaders to dress in the standards uniforms put up a face smile and sing and cheer the leader. Then we were gathered in the public hall and a group picture was taken and maybe maybe a portrait one is our parents were around and were bagging the photographer to take an image of their beloved child. Later I my teens my parents bought me a point and shoot camera, and yes I dis started with photographing our animal.

And so my passion was awaken, my children will not forget the happy days and they will not be forced to hail someone if they are not willing to do so. Now I grateful that I can capture these moments and freeze the time not only for my family but also for many families what they will become friends of mine.

So let me tell you before starting my newborn studio business the first steps were done at home.

Not many people are realising that baby photography or even toddlers and children photography needs lots of patience.

Before having my own baby, I’ve been the jack of all trades in photography industry. Once I felt that little heartbeat things have changed and I realised that my real passion stays with these littles humans.

I’ve done many newborn sessions, in my friends living room, kitchens and gardens, I was the one being invited to a baby showers and asked to bring the camera with me, I was the one who wanted to capture the christening of my best friend child and the grandfather was photographing the same setup so my friends have ended up crossed eyes in both images, I was even left to shoot a newborn baby while mum had to go and pick up then other kid from day-care.

So yeah, the things were simple. I had to think about safety first and take care of this new baby as it was my own.

For a long time I didn’t have a space. How did I managed again simple. I bought the right equipment, I’ve studied a lot about photography from well-known photographers like Kelly brown, Luisa Dunn and Sue Bryce and I experiment a lot… sometimes not with a real baby but I did have an awkward and creepy doll. So I have done photography with a low investment and I didn’t have the pressure of bringing an income. What could be more beautiful than taking an image of a newborn child being breastfeed by his mum is in his universe….his own home.

I’ve had many experiments like this and they were fun and full of success and the only thing what you need to follow is your passion. And safety of the new life handed to your arms by the lovely parents to capture they lovely memories.

Ps: do go and photograph some ones lovely animals or pets you never know you can discover a new passion.

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