Newborn photography-if cows are not your passion keep looking

baby boy in a side pose sleeping baby

Newborn photography-if cows are not your passion keep looking

Whatever is photography or any career take the time to explore and enjoy the journey, find the right people to learn from, always keep in mind the people around you will lift you or will put you down. And with newborns and babies be mindful of safety , these little souls are waiting for a gentle and warm hand to guide them and become amazing little people.

At the beginning of my photography journey as I didn’t have a studio I have done newborn lifestyle sessions. I was going to my clients homes and capture their special moments in their homes, right in the parents bed, in the babies nursery while brothers were playing along. Capturing the raw moments without the interventions of props and loads of equipment’s it makes some people enjoying this experience more.

I did also home sessions were I had to take with me lots of props and equipment as the clients were in love with the studio look but I didn’t have a studio and I didn’t want to rent one. So I had to load my car and do the session on their home.

This was more laborious as I needed to have clear communication with the client to know all about their home, where is the best light, will I have enough space to set up a make shift studio, will the set up give me the same results, will there be peace a warm place to photograph the baby?   So many questions and so much preparation was needed for this session, that’s why I’ve decided to have my own space in the near future.

The good part is that the client was at home so they felt comfortable in their space, and sometimes I was able to have the pleasure to photograph not only their newborn or children but also pet as part of the family. (see there could always be a new pet or a baby pet)

When we moved to Brisbane I opened a little studio in Rochedale South. Was only one room but enough to organise my space and time. Now that room is a prop room… I think soon I need an extension. Having a better space was just amazing great for doing multiple setups, having a corner with a cough for parents to relax while I take photographs or their treasure, kids watching cartoons and not being close to the newborn while taking the images but also being able to have the children in the pictures with their baby brother or sister is just refreshing and the options are so many.

We do have a plan on extending the studio even more, and that not long now, till then I will enjoy every minute on my space and I will make it as comfortable as their homes. A space where parents can relax and I can take care and make sure that I will capture the most beautiful memories of their newborn. I also do lots of maternity sessions and family portrait session so my work has extended a bit more.

So my advice in choosing a newborn photography path, take it one step at the time. This is not a sprint this is a marathon, do not compare yourself with anyone each one of us have different paths, explore and enjoy your journey as it unique, find the right people and learn from them, surround yourself with likeminded people from different career you will learn so much more, why knot surround yourself with animals they are the best listeners and in all of these please keep in mind the safety of these little lives what are coming into your hand.

As a client myself, I will say go and have a chat with the photographer, explore their environment and feel their vibes, find out why are the best the photograph your baby and you, what are their services and what value can you see in their work?

As a photographer I know that knowledge is power, and knowing and find out all the details about my clients and their wishes will make my life easier and the results will be reflected in their images, and these images I want to be full of love, warmth and caring moments.

Ps: I will take a minute to remember so many happy moments with my beloved cows and calfs from the Romanian farm.

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